Monday, December 10, 2007

Saw Something

So here it is, my first blog - the first insight into my deepest thoughts, ideas, thoughts, dreams, etc...for those who do not know me personally. Here is a brief snapshot of me:
  • I work in a medical clinic in a medico-legal position.
  • I will be attending nursing school next September.
  • I have two pets - a 3 year old black teddy bear guinea pig named Nekro and a 1 1/2 year old black cat named Dahlia.
  • Currently, I have 11 tattoos which cover my left arm, left and right leg, chest and stomach.
I suppose one of the reasons I am writing in a blog is to give myself an outlet, a way to find purpose and gather my thoughts in a more productive fashion. I am also writing this to gain more of an appreciation for things that I take for granted. Nothing should be trivial, too many times I have neglected to see the significance of someone's actions or words. But people can say anything and not mean their words, it is the actions, the way they look at you, touch you, kiss you that speak volumes of truth.  I am rambler. I veer off topic and sometimes I forget the origin of the conversation. I feel that it is due the vast amount of ideas that bounce around in my cranium. You ever have one of those nights where you are lying in bed and dozens of thoughts are pounding at your brain? Trying to fall asleep is fruitless because as soon as you close your eyes another thought pops up to shoo away sleep. These are most of my nights except once I do finally fall asleep, the endless stream of dreams flood into my mind's eye and I awake the next day, exhausted and confused. I am not an overly negative person, I just tend to see things in their true light.  I cannot ignore what is and 'sugar-coating' a situation is as archaic as a 50s subservient Betty Crocker housewife. 
I hope you will continue to read and I look forward to reading any comments you may have. Here is one positive endnote:
I treasure those Sunday afternoons in his arms as we lie watching TV. It may not be much, but I adore those times.